Peek Inside This Spectacular Circa 1754 Dutch Farmhouse for Sale in Nanuet, NY.

Welcome to Old Acres. An Onderdonk is believed to have built this house in the 1700’s. The extreme East and West ends are the oldest portions, and perhaps were once two separate dwellings. Both have the original beamed ceilings and oversized fireplaces with cranes used for cooking. Original wide floorboards are in most of the house, some as wide at 26″. The main part of the house was built about 1829. Sitting on over an acre, this graceful home has 6 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, 2 kitchens, one with a vintage Chambers gas range, 5 fireplaces and 5 dutch doors. Original details everywhere. The rooms are generous in size, each with distinctive character and charm. Bonus legal 2 family for potential income or use how you wish. Spacious in-ground pool, detached 2 car garage with loft above. A timeless treasure. Come along on a tour with Circa Houses’ Elizabeth Finkelstein and Cristiana Pena.

Rivertown Locals: Hickory Dickory Dock’s Loreen Costa

Video Directed by Janet Maya – NYS Lic RE Salesperson – Weld Realty

Janet takes us into the magical Christmas wonderland of Hickory Dickory Dock, at 43 South Broadway in Nyack, NY.  The owner, Loreen Costa, takes us on her family’s journey of the shop’s 25 years, and of bringing to us handcrafted treasures that enrich our experience of home.

Bill Batson & The Nyack Sketch Log

Bill Batson gives a resonating voice to the lives, the history and the architecture that make our Nyack community so extraordinary. Bill’s Nyack Sketch Log weaves the disparate threads of past and present lives into our shared story of Nyack, which will unite us all for generations to come. There is something enchanting about reading the secret histories that are tucked away in plain sight. Over a century of love, quarrels, art, dreams, fame and revolution linger behind the picturesque corbels and shutters of our riverfront town; and Bill Batson reveals these secret histories to us, one fascinating,vividly illustrated tale at a time. Thank you, Bill, for giving such a profound gift of story-telling to your community, and for preserving for posterity what may have otherwise been lost.

Rivertown Locals: French Patisserie Didier Dumas

Video Directed by Janet Maya, Edited by Ben Harwood, Music by Les Tappan Zigues.

Rivertown Locals: Vlad The Barber

Directed by Janet Maya

Janet Maya is a Nyack Local, Photographer, and NYS RE Salesperson with Weld Realty in Nyack, NY

Ted the Stone Face Carver in the Hudson Valley

This video is a must see! Ted’s bio and links to information on his work are below.

I have a personal story to share about Ted’s Heads.

10 Years ago, I was on a hike with my Dad along the Hudson River, and we happened upon a older man riding his bike up the rocky path in the woods with a big boulder strapped to the back rack of his 3-speed. We were so impressed by his determination, will, and strength. It was inspiring, really. We assumed that the man must be the Rock Carver, who’s home we passed in Dutchtown to get to the trailhead parking lot, a painted river cottage packed to the brim with stone heads. On the way back, we stopped by the vintage wooden house with folky front porch enveloped in seemingly hundreds of sculptures, to admire all of the various carved heads.

The soul of each stone unique, had been brought out so simply. We stood there staring for almost an hour. My father, a Civil Engineer and unrequited artist himself, was profoundly inspired by the display. “If you could pick one, which one would you have?”
I couldn’t answer that, as I would want to start a collection as large as Ted’s, if given the option. “I like them all so much, I couldn’t begin to choose one. How about you?”

“I would pick The One With The Hat. It’s the only one with a hat. That is my favorite.”

Dad and I fell so in love with the idea of taking one home, after an hour of standing there, that we actually decided that maybe we could, and proceeded to knock on Ted’s door. Ted was running out, but told us that he couldn’t bear to part with any, really, and that they were not for sale. But he could talk to us more another time because he was running out. We planned to return the next day to talk to Ted again, but it was the day my dad would leave back home, and we never had a chance to return.

My dad was supposed to come visit again three weeks later. We’d talk to Ted then. He never made it, though. Two weeks went by, and my dad suddenly died. it was a sub-zero Buffalo night and he was chipping ice in the driveway, when his heart stopped. It was a huge shock, and unfathomably sad, as he was an extremely healthy 66, but that’s what happened.

A month later, I called Ted and told him what had happened, and the story about The One With The Hat. I am eternally grateful to Ted because he doesn’t usually choose to part with his heads. Of course he would sell it to me. I think he was sad to see it go, but grateful it was going away with so much meaning attached to it. It sits in my garden where ever I live, in plain view, now, feeling important.

Thank You, Ted.

Sabrina Weld Feldman

The One With The Hat  Other Man With The Hat

The One With The Hat      &    Jim Weld – The Other One With The Hat


Ted Ludwiczak was born in Poland in 1927. He moved to New York in 1956 and worked as a contact lense grinder. In the late 1980’s when Ludwiczak retired and his wife died, he moved to a small cottage perched on a cliff on the Hudson River. He hauled the rocks out of the river and taught himself how to carve them. At first Ludwiczak used a chisel and an old lawn mower blade. Later he graduated to power tools. He has created a beautiful environment with hundreds of his large extended family of rock heads.

“Rocks talk to me,” he said. “I pick ones that have a face in them. Then I follow the shape of the stone. I can’t wait to see how it will turn out. I usually know about halfway through. It’s not always easy. Sometimes I lie awake at night, trying to figure out how to get the expression to come out of the stone.”

Ludwiczak’s stone carvings range in size from 6 inches to 4 feet. Working with these massive stones is a challenge for anyone, but this octogenarian is astonishingly strong and able.

Ted Ludwiczak’s stone carvings have been collected by the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore and the American Folk Art Museum in New York City.

Bio referenced from Gallery C’s Website –
Other great Reference article:

Homepages: Gigi’s House Project

Weld Realty clients Katie, Mario, and baby Gigi found their dream home in this Nyack fixer-upper. They documented their beautiful journey here:

Nyack Farmer’s Market

We love our local Farmer’s Market, and we bet you will, too. It runs Thursdays from 8:00am – 2:00pm
Outdoors: May through November at Main Street parking lot, downtown Nyack
Indoors: December through April at the Nyack Center, 58 Depew, Nyack
PRESENTED BY: The Nyack Chamber of Commerce

Beginning in June 2014 the Nyack Chamber of Commerce will be bringing you a SATURDAY Farmers’ Market! The Saturday Market will be in addition to the long-running Thursday Market and will take place in the same location. Watch for details.

Fav Local Purlieu: Nyack’s Art Cafe

See the New York Times Article describing this Nyack Favorite:

“Devotees come for the fine Middle Eastern food, soothing teas and studiously extracted coffees. Aiming to capture some of the charm and insouciance of cafes in Tel Aviv and Europe…” – New York Times

Video by Ben Harwood

Nyack and Piermont’s Gypsy Doughnut


OK. Gourmet Doughnuts and Stumptown Coffee. Everything, I mean nearly EVERYTHING made in house, and without fake stuff. You’ll be tempted to move to Nyack just for this.

“…we make everything ourselves aside from our ‘condiments’ of milks and sugars. Who does that? What bakery makes their own jam for their fillings? Who makes their own almond brittle? Who makes a gingerbread or peppermint syrup for coffee from scratch? Or hot chocolate that’s made in house instead of from a package. It’s crazy, really. We admit it, we’re crazy…”

An excerpt from their blog. Read it and love them even more. We are so impressed with their dedication to increasing quality of life in the Rivertowns. Here is a link to the whole blog post:‘

Here’s their website:

Video by Ben Harwood